People can live near historic treasures all their life and not even realize what is right under their feet, just up the street or moments away by highway. Missouri is a Civil War rich state. For those who love battlefields, history, and a short drive out of the city, Lexington, MO may be the perfect place for you.

Located just 49 short miles north of Pleasant Hill, Lexington, MO is a place that may not seem like there is much to see, but upon further investigation, you will discover the soil is rich in history and the story is told through building after building in this great town.  Lexington has four historic districts for you to explore, multiple wineries to sip your way through, and boasts of 28 different points of interest. With an old military academy, a historic museum, and an old town courthouse that still has a musket ball stuck in it from the Hemp Bale Battle that happened near the Anderson house, you will find plenty of things to see and do. 

There is a beautiful riverfront walk with more historic information about Lewis and Clark who landed there. You will feel like you stepped back into history as you peruse through the various shops and take notice of the time capsule located at the foot of the courthouse. But what is a must-see sight is the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site and Anderson House. While sitting on that hillside you can picture the enemy coming up from across the river to attack the soldiers waiting behind the hemp bales. 

There are quaint locations to stop and eat and there is a driving tour of a variety of houses in the area that carry historical significance. If you have never been to Lexington, MO, you are missing out on a piece of our national history just a short drive from your home. Bring a camera and a desire to enter into yet another location destination that brought our nation its liberation.